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Disper Zn Sinergy %19 (1 Kg)

DISPER Zn Sinergy is recommended in crops with high demand at the time of greatest need (vegetative development). It is recommended to apply several treatments at the beginning of budding in woody crops and before flowering in arable crops. Also in alkaline, calcareous, sandy soils and with low organic matter content.
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DISPER Zn Sinergy is a product designed for the correction and prevention of zinc deficiencies.

Zinc is an essential element for growth, development and fructification of the crop. It takes part in many enzymes involved in protein synthesis, transport and utilization of carbohydrates photosynthesized, protection against oxidation and stress in anaerobic conditions, exchange of substances to intracellular level… Another important function of zinc is to allow the synthesis of indole acetic acid, auxin responsible for development of root, apical dominance, positive phototropism and fruit development.

Zinc deficiency causes a series of symptoms related to the growth: diminution of size of the leaves, lower internodes length, more weak tissues, dehydration, anomalies in fruiting and yield reduction.

 DISPER Zn Sinergy is formulated in GRANULES totally soluble in water with Fluid Bed technology (WSG-FB), of easy manipulation, being able to be used in all types of irrigation or pulverization system, since they are free of powder and don’t form lumps.

Pulverization: 50- 100 g/100 litres of water.

Fertigation: make applications of 1.5 to 2 kg/ha, every 2-3 weeks depending on the crop conditions

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