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Disper Size

Its application is destined to those crops where the size and quality of the final fruit is a key point: Horticulturals (grown for fruits), fruit trees (ligneous in general) and ornamentals. Apply during development of the fruit.
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DISPER Size GS is a biostimulant specifically designed to favour the development of the fruit from its maturity to its harvest.

Each molecule of DISPER Size GS has a specific function in the stimulation of the fruit growth, allowing mobilization of the reserves of the plant to supply them to the fruit improving its final quality.

As a consequence of its effects, DISPER Size GS increases the size of the fruit and simultaneously it improves the quality of the fruits regarding the organoleptic characters. 

DISPER Size GS is formulated in GRANULES totally soluble in water with Fluid Bed technology (WSG-FB), of easy manipulation, being able to be used in all types of irrigation or pulverization systems, since they are free of powder and do not form lumps.

The recommended doses are:

Pulverization: 1 to 4 applications of 100-200 g/100L separated 10-15 days.

Fertigation: 3 to 6 applications of 0´5-2 kg/ha, until reaching a total of 3-6 kg/ha.

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