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DISPER Cu Max is a product based on chelated copper.

Copper, from the nutritional point of view, forms part of mitochondria and seeds, stimulates the protein synthesis, takes part in transpiration process, forms part of numerous enzymes…

DISPER Cu Max constitutes a new generation in the copper products, since it is a soluble product, capable of penetrating in the vegetable tissue without producing spots in fruits or leaves. In addition, its application does not generate any type of stress, therefore not interfering with the plant and does not affect the environment.

DISPER Cu Max is formulated in GRANULES totally soluble in water with Fluid Bed technology (WSG-FB), of easy manipulation, being able to be used in all types of irrigation or pulverization system, since they are free of powder and don’t form lumps.

Pulverization:  make applications at 100 – 150 g/100 L of water.

Fertigation:  make applications at 1 Kg/ha.

The total number of applications depends on the type of crop and necessities. In the range of dose for pulverization, in ligneous crops the higher dose is used in autumn and the minor dose in spring.

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