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CO₂ enrichment for your plants
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BIOCAL is a %100 natural mineral product,unique as a leaf manure, was produced by processing 'moving ionic technology' that is patented technology of Calcit.

Reduced nanosized, calcit particules get an ultrahigh activation thanks to moving ionic technology.That makes easily absorb to the plants without chemicals.Thus;it both strengthens protective layers of plants twofold and enhances their volumes threefold.

On account of carbone dioxide (CO2) content of BIOCAL,being used as leaf fertilizer improves photosynthesis efficiency of plants,enhances enzyme activity and arranges the health and productivity of the plant by empowering the immune system.

The Calcium that occurs by splitting into Carbone dioxide (CO2) and Calcite (CaMG)CO3 has an extremely effect on the plant.The most significant contribution of Calcium is supplying empowering against the environmental factors.Increasing of Chloroplasts and polyphenol quantity supply for being improved the plant resistance and being upgraded to quality (of the plant).

BIOCAL has an antioxidant effect,also. This impedes the aging of the plants.

Thanks to BIOCAL,the colours of the plants become more lively and clear.

The particules of BIOCAL manure are so small (0.1µm-2µm), that can be absorbed easily by the plants.BIOCAL particules fragmentise into the leafs and (CO2) releases into the particules.Additionally,other nutrition stuffs occur.The low content (CO2) (%0.03) of normal weather fails to achieve optimum level of photosynthesis at most agricultural production.Under the proper conditions of temperature, at maximum level the photosynthesis occurs at approximately %0.1 (CO2) level with enough nutrition element and the water supplements.

On account of carbone dioxid (CO2) content of BIOCAL,when applied fogging method,it increases the photosynthesis effectiveness,arranges the health and effectiveness of the plant by increasing enzyme activity and immune system.It increases yield and quality of all types of the plants.Micronutrients content of BIOCAL increases this effect much better.



              BioCAL renders resistant the plants against to heat and cold stresses. BioCAL prevents photsynthesis depression on hot days and provides maximum photsynthesis for plant all the day. BioCAL keeps dehydration of plants at the lowest level and encourages plant growing. Especially using BioCAL against to frost, applications should start in autumn before defoliation with %0,5 dosage. With this application dry matter rate in cell will increase and cell keeps less water. Therewithal ion concentration increases and renders resistant the plant against to frost.


                BioCAL applications begins with blossoming term for earliness harvesting, and repeated every 15 days with %0,5 dosage.

                Application begins in winter before leaf shed with %0,5 dosage for the plants which shed leafage. With this application we can wake up plants early.  Spring frost is very risky for these plants and %0,5 BioCAL applications renders these plants more resistant.


                BioCAL increases dry matter amount( brix) about %2 level. BioCAL increases fruit massiveness about %25.  Thus BioCAL gives chance to producers for selling their products to great markets because of fruit brix level.

                Brix level is very important for tomato paste, canned fruit and canned vegetable producers because high brix level  increases processing efficiency and quality of final product.

                 BioCAL tightens peel tissue, avoids fruit cracking, increases specific gravity, makes fruit more glitter.

                 BioCAL decreases dehydration of fruit, thus avoids dropping , fruit peel cracking and increases shelf life.


                 Application begins after seedling planting with %0,2 dosage and repated every 15 days. These applicaitons grow seedling faster and gives fruit earlier. BioCAL increases brix level  about  %2 and increases fruit massiveness.


                  Application begins with % 0,2 dosage on planting term for foliar plants.  These applications repeated every 15 days.

                   On woody plants applicaiton begins with planting term.( 5 gram BioCAL for each plant root) This applicaiton decreases wastage of nurseries. Applicaiton continues with %0,5 dosage BioCAL after blossoming.  These applications shorten young plant time for vineyards and fruit species, plant generates flower bud earlier and encourages fruit formation.


Dosage: 300-500 gr/100 Lt

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